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My most recent online project was programming a gallery for my father’s photos but now: it’s time for some of my own art! I made an adjustable cellular automaton. By starting it with one virtual cell and prodding it as it grew, I made these three images. There’s more to come, too!

A symmetrical blue and white frilly shape. The blue and white shape with a custom smoothing algorithm applied. An intricate pink frilly shape.

Crimes Against Music

Hop Shop (4.4 MB MP3) New for January 2013
Whadda ya know? Bow Wow Falls from Frogger goes with Buy 3 from The Sims! All I had to do was spot that, then make them the same length.
The Source of Secrets (1.3 MB MP3) New for August 2012
This piece was composed by Mike Oldfield. I made a short arrangement of it while using MatLab to make a synthesiser for a university project. Later, I rewrote the program in Java and subtly improved it. My rendition sounds simple but hey — I made a synthesiser!
Silicon Sledgehammer (7.6 MB MP3)
I remixed of one of my favourite pieces, Crystal Hammer, by the computer music pioneer Karsten Obarski. I tried to keep it cheerful and lively like the original.
Yorkshire Chicken! (3.4 MB MP3)
This is one of my earlier semi-successful attempts at making computer “music” by repeatedly bouncing a wireless keyboard and mouse down the stairs. Well, not quite, but it sounds a bit like that, doesn’t it? The voices are from the game Worms 2.
The Next Phase (3.0 MB MP3)
The first half-decent thing I made with GarageBand. I felt that it was a tad plain, so…
Yorkshire Chicken Two! (5.3 MB MP3)
…when I made a Yorkshire Chicken sequel, I added Worms 2 sounds to The Next Phase. The result is much better — or worse! You decide.

Strode’s College Underground Magazine

Here are most of the issues of a short-lived magazine I wrote for back in sixth-form college. Search inside them for “Holland-Avery” to find articles by me and poems by my Dad. SCUM was really fun while it lasted, but then all the students who made the magazine left the college. Recruiting replacement writers is hard!